London, 1 July 2024 – Sandbox Group, the London-based group operating a network of learning businesses, announced that it is partnering with DK12, free online homeschool curriculum, in an effort to help children with their educational outcomes. The collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational solution that supports both academic and creative growth in children in the US and around the world.

As part of the partnership, all free subscribers to the DK12 homeschooling network will receive 1 month free access to the award-winning learning and entertainment app, PlayKids+ (worth $8.99) that will be redeemable throughout the summer. Advanced members will receive a full year of PlayKids+ (worth $50+) as well as further benefits and offline learning supplements from PlayKids.

The partnership aims to offer DK12’s 800,000+ homeschooling families a healthy entertainment option for the summer vacation and the opportunity to keep children busy in a guilt-free way. PlayKids’ online and offline learning materials create a seamless ecosystem where digital and physical experiences enrich each other, paving the way for innovation, growth and a deeper impact on young audience's lives. From tactile play to reading books, PlayKids can support children’s learning naturally, through fun activities.

With DK12’s extensive online curriculum and PlayKids’s dynamic learning platform, students will have access to a robust educational resource that combines rigorous academics with fun, interactive content. This partnership represents a significant step forward in delivering a holistic education that adapts to the needs of today's digital-native students.

Gary Brooks, Founder of DK12, says: “We’re excited to partner with PlayKids+ to bring an innovative and engaging educational experience to our students. This collaboration allows us to enhance our curriculum with interactive content that will not only support academic achievement but also foster creativity and a love for learning. Together, we can provide a resource that is both comprehensive and fun, meeting the diverse needs of children in a way that is accessible to all.”

Shan Eisenberg, CCO at Sandbox, says: “We see our latest partnership with one of the largest homeschooling networks in the US as a great way to help families find entertainment for their children for the summer vacation without the need to compromise on learning. The US market is one of the key areas for us so we are glad to see a growing awareness of the importance of quality learning opportunities outside of a formal school setting. We offer the ideal products to supplement formal education in a fun and creative way and hope that working closely with DK12 we’ll be able to offer more curriculum-based home learning experiences for families in the region.”

PlayKids is known for its extensive library of interactive books, videos, games, and activities that are designed to make learning enjoyable. By integrating Discovery K12’s curriculum, PlayKids will now offer a seamless educational experience that combines the best of both platforms

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Agnes Lesti:   Communications and Partnerships Manager

About Sandbox Group:
Sandbox Group is the global digital entertainment and learning company committed to providing unparalleled experiences through video streaming and smart gaming. Sandbox Group’s brands include PlayKids+, the first edutainment app that grows with the kids, Focus, cognitive training app for over 40s, and Leiturinha, Brazil's No1. kids book subscription service. Sandbox partners with 20+ leading Telcos, PayTV and streaming players globally including T-Mobile US, Amazon, TIM, Sky Brasil, United Media and more.

About Wister:
Discovery K12, also known as DK12, is a free online homeschool curriculum for pre-K through twelfth grade, with a goal to provide a positive educational experience where students can acquire the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives. It’s reached 800k subscribers accessing its free resources and has introduced a “premium tier” worth $99/year allowing parents enhanced tracking tools and the ability to produce diplomas. 90% of subscribers live in the US, with the other 10% spread across 100 countries.