London, 23 September 2020  Hopster, the BAFTA-nominated educational and entertainment digital platform that helps preschoolers learn through kids TV shows, music, games and books has released a brand new original Black Lives Matter Song for Kids as part of their Black history Month theme, launching on 1st October 2020.

The Black Lives Matter song for Kids is an animated video for children that speaks out against racism and all forms of social injustice. The song aims to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement which seeks to end the systematic racism and inequality for black people across the world. The song is available to watch for free on Youtube and available for download on Spotify, Apple Music and more - all proceeds of the songs will be donated to The Black Curriculum a social enterprise that aims to combat the lack of Black history taught in the UK curriculum

Starting from 1st October, Hopster will be launching its Black History Month theme within its app featuring a slate of black-focused content such as African Nursery Rhymes, Kids Black History, Bino and Fino and Tata Storytime to support Black History Month. The theme and its content will be available globally except for US and Canada which celebrate the theme in February.

Miki Chojnacka co-CEO at Hopster said “We want to acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions that black people have made to kids TV. The black community is hugely underrepresented in preschool TV, we want to change this. We want to challenge the negative stereotypes and emphasise the rich talent, culture and stories, instilling pride in our black community and to nurture inclusion in children of all races. Given the current media landscape and the Black Lives Matter movement happening globally, it has never been more timely to showcase our support in a meaningful way.

Last year Hopster commissioned a diversity and inclusivity report ‘Is Kids TV Making Your Child Prejudice?’ which found that ethnic minorities were under-represented in kids tv. Only 12 % had BAME lead, around 50% of BAME characters appeared only in the background.

Black History Month Content

  • Tata Storytime Watch HERE (6 x 6mins): A storytelling series that celebrates African and Caribbean heritage read by award winning black actors to inspire the younger generation with stories that broaden a child’s understanding of cultural diversity. Books include:
  • Tiana Eat Up: Written by Akitoye Sunday
  • Buster Finds His Beat: Written by Pamela Aucley
  • Riley Can Be Anything: Written by Davina Hamilton
  • Who Do I See in the Mirror?: Written by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu
  • Liar Liar Pants on Fire: Written by Catherine Alexander-McDaniel
  • Why Fly Pesters Cow: Adapted and written by adaptation by Jaco Jacobs

  • Kids Black History Series Watch HERE (6 x 11mins): A family show, presented by 5year old Raiyah Douglas, alongside her mother Keighley Douglas who help viewers learn about Africa, its history, languages, prominent figures and so much more.

  • African and West Indian Nursery Rhymes Watch HERE  (20 x 2 mins): This beautiful collection of songs is sung by parents from around Africa and introduces children to traditional African music and to help them learn about different cultures and traditions.

  • Bino and Fino Watch HERE (5 x 11 mins): Bino and Fino is a Nigerian educational show that teaches kids about African culture, heritage, history and more. Created by parents who found it difficult to find positive and truthful content about Africa for their kids.

  • Li’l Doc Watch HERE:With the help of Li’l Doc and her loveable assistant, Geeko, little ones (and even grown-ups) can learn about medical conditions, such as allergy and dementia, in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Through the Woods: This fun show centres around a young boy, Rider, and his dog as they explore the “nearby nature” that many kids can relate to: spiderwebs, fireflies and more. It encourages outdoor play and woodland adventures.

  • Black Lives Matter song for Kids Watch HERE : An original animated video for children that speaks out against racism and all forms of social injustice. The song aims to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement which seeks to end the systematic racism and inequality for black people across the world.


Watch Black Lives Matter Song for Kids HERE and our trailer BHM Trailer HERE


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