London, 21st November 2023 – Sandbox, , the London-based group operating a network of learning businesses, and Telmi, the kids podcast creation app, have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking solution that boosts children's verbal communication skills.

The partnership sees Telmi’s kid-created podcasts featured on Sandbox’s latest edutainment app, PlayKids+. After listening to Telmi content on PlayKids+, users will be able to discover more of Telmi's great content and make their own podcasts with a welcome offer for PlayKids+. Children will also be given a chance to be featured on PlayKids+ and their podcasts to be added to the app’s content lineup.

Podcasting By Kids, For Kids
Telmi is a unique and secure online podcasting platform that opens the world of audio podcasting to children of all ages empowering them by focusing on their unique voices, free from the pressures of appearance-based social media. The only platform of its kind in the space, Telmi stamps out the need for kids to rely on adult-oriented publishing platforms and instead offers a safe, creative and educational digital space that kids and parents love.

Fostering Playful Learning
With Telmi’s in-app storyteller coach and podcast creation studio, children aged 6 to 12 create their own podcasts independently: from recording their voices to personalizing their podcasts with fun images, background music, avatars, and unique usernames. In their mini podcasts, kids recommend books, movies, places to visit and even improvise as art critics in museums!

As children themselves assert, "The coolest thing about Telmi is that I can do everything MYSELF!" Enjoy a walkthrough of Telmi app and listen to a 9 year old’s podcast.

With Telmi, parents can find a secure solution that helps their children develop self-assurance, critical thinking, and communication skills. While the app’s moderation system is kids-centered, content will only be published with parental and Telmi consent (each recording needing to comply with Telmi's user guidelines).

In the AI-driven educational landscape, Telmi also empowers schools and edtech organizations to nurture students' independence, critical thinking and self-expression.

Empowering Kids from all Backgrounds
As well as recording their own stories on Telmi, children can also discover curated podcasts created by their peers. By discovering the world through others’ eyes, kids will develop empathy and understanding which can help to make a difference in their schools and communities.

Amplifying Children's Voice
Through partnering with Sandbox, the child-created podcasts can be enjoyed by children around the world in the award-winning all-in-one superapp, PlayKids+. Selected recordings will be available in PlayKids+ along with learning games and popular kids shows such as Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and Numberblocks, with new podcasts featured regularly.

Shan Eisenberg, CCO at Sandbox says: "We're delighted to partner with Telmi and bring quality and safe content, by the kids for the kids, onto our next generation kids service making it even better value. I am a strong believer that podcasts are one of the best media to positively channel kids’ creativity in a way that brings peace of mind to parents and places substance over appearance."

Veronique Trang, CEO at Telmi says: We are incredibly thrilled to collaborate with Sandbox to empower children through the magic of storytelling. Partnering with Telmi creates a win-win opportunity, enriching Sandbox's offerings with kids-generated podcasts and inspiring their users to creatively engage by making their own mini podcasts on Telmi. We are genuinely excited about this innovative partnership and look forward to working alongside the Sandbox Group to bring Telmi to more users worldwide, democratizing podcasting for kids.”

"I started Telmi after my 5.5-year-old daughter created 30 podcast episodes during the lockdown and quickly became a confident and creative storyteller. It reminded me of the days of the double cassette audio player when children could record their voices and stories with complete freedom. Effective verbal communication is one of the strongest predictors of success in our kids' lives. Like any skill, it requires practice! Telmi offers children unlimited speaking opportunities, providing them access to a digital, guided, and safe space where they can express themselves and share their own stories, in longer form—free from word counts, time constraints, and the pressures of appearance-based social media."

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