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We are a leading player in the consumer informal learning space with more than 25 million visitors to our properties per month.

Since 1999, Sandbox Learning (formally Family Education Network) has been a pioneer in the online informal learning space. Dating back to its introduction of FamilyEducation.com as one of the first digital parenting resources, the company has a proven history of being a sought-after resource for families around the world. Sandbox Learning now consists of 5 educational publishing brands deeply rooted in helping families, students, and educators explore, play, and learn.

Sandbox Learning is committed to helping its audiences learn. Whether a parent learning how to care for her newborn baby, a teacher learning how to structure a geometry lesson, or an elementary student learning about the solar system, Sandbox Learning is committed to empowering its audiences with the resources they need.

Indispensable Destination for K12 Teachers

Our mission at TeacherVision is to bring each teacher’s vision to life despite the stack of papers to grade, endless classroom interruptions, and increasing demands (standardized tests, anyone?). When teachers lose sight of their vision, we are here to re-energize them, introduce them to something new, and remind them that their vision isn’t just a dream, it is a calling that they can make a reality…with some help. Since 1999, TeacherVision has been an innovative and respected destination for K12 teachers to find supplemental learning resources, teaching strategies and support, and classroom management tools. TeacherVision has been built by veteran educators who are passionate about learning and helping teachers engage kids to succeed. Whether it’s a standards-aligned lesson plan, report card comments, project-based learning, or a self-care workbook for alleviating stress, teachers will find the resources and support they need.

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Trusted Resources for UK Teachers

Teachit has always been about supporting teachers and sharing resources. Founded over 20 years ago by an English teacher, it’s a thriving community of over 600,000 teachers sharing resources and finding inspiration.

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Advice for parents, every step of the way.

We make it easier for busy moms and dads to raise happy, healthy, engaged children at every age and stage. Millions of parents turn to FamilyEducation for trusted advice on everything from pregnancy and choosing a baby name to raising teens, and all the fun and challenging times in between. For two decades, we’ve guided parents on issues from children's health to homework help, to choosing the hottest toys, books, and technology for kids — with a focus on learning, and of course, fun.

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K-6 Homework Help, COPPA Certified Safe for Kids

Educate, entertain, and engage. That’s what FactMonster does—and we’ve been doing it well since 1998. FactMonster combines essential reference materials, games, and homework help for kids. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games and flashcards, FactMonster has the information kids are seeking, in a safe learning environment that parents and teachers can trust.

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Homework help for secondary and higher ed students

Students in middle school, high school and higher education turn to Infoplease for facts, reference and homework help on an enormous range of topics. From science to government and history, from current events to pop culture, Infoplease is not crowd-sourced by users, it’s actually written and edited by trusted experts. Parents, teachers, and librarians can confidently send students to Infoplease, assured that it’s a trustworthy source.

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For kids in grades Pre-K through 8.

Funbrain offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy.

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The Explorer’s Library.

This is an interactive model that lets kids explore the invisible and awesome wonders of our world. Kids ages 4+ develop foundational science literacy.

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Meet the Sandbox Learning Team

Sanchit Jain
GM of Sandbox Learning
Raul Gutierrez
CEO Tinybop & Funbrain